SarahRyrieLife of Ryrie is written by me, just me.  Sarah Ryrie.

I am a mum of two little cherubs (according to their grandma!) T and J, and wife to Steve.  Our Expat adventure has ended but the Family Tale never ends.  Share our experiences, add your own and let’s revel in life’s colourful paintbox together.

Life is hectic and demanding at the best of times and having been thrown out of our comfort zone when we lived in German speaking (eek) Switzerland for a year the Life of Ryrie blog developed into my way of processing all the things that happened to us, both good and bad, as expats but more importantly as a family.  If you are about to embark on an expat adventure with your family or if you are wondering what it’s like to up sticks and move to a country where you don’t speak the language then take a look through the archives, you might find a useful tip or just realise that you aren’t alone.  Equally if you like an alternative way of looking at family life then add Life of Ryrie to your blog roll!  I hope that it is an enjoyable, interesting, funny, thought provoking (delete as applicable) blog and if it connects with just one person going through similar situations then I feel that my purpose will have been served.

Previously we lived in the fantastically eclectic and enterprising Somerset town of Frome, having spent our single/early married days in Guildford working as Marketing Manager for ECCO Shoes UK.  My misspent youth was at the University of Liverpool (studying English and Irish Studies, don’t ask) and Millfield School where I managed to study, and pass, a variety of A Levels and GSCEs.  Somerset is my spiritual home, having lived there since birth with the odd spell at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London to undergo ‘treatment’ (read open heart surgery) for my congenital heart defect.