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wire sculture of a human reaching out from wall


I know the quality isn’t great of this photo but I saw this at The Brewery, London and had to share it because I loved it and because I felt it rather relevant for the UK’s current social turmoil.


Last night the moon was HUGE, and gorgeous, and stunning, and Steve got this photo.  Apparently it’s the Flower Moon.


Water fights mean just one thing, the appearance of Gangster Granny!

Finally, I have found the photo I referenced in a previous post (Clothkits Fundraiser).  My memory was a little off what with it being my fifth and not sixth birthday, and the outfit actually being a skirt and waistcoat combo (this was 1981 in deepest Somerset after all).  But it was my best birthday cake EVER and one of my most favourite childhood outfits.

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Love this as it looks as though J is climbing the London Eye.  This gorgeous playground is at the foot of the London Eye on the banks of the River Thames.

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Birthday surprises extend to the cake this year!

 Starting 2016 with a clean sheet (sorry).  Happy New Year, wishing good health and happy times to you all. x


The only thing missing from this picture is a glass of Scrumpy cider then it would perfectly embody Somerset – skittles, straw and Scrumpy.  Two out of three ain’t bad though.

Expat endings

The bubble has popped.  Reality has kicked in.  We are back in England.  The Life of Ryrie Big Swiss Adventure has come to a close.  Well, what a year it has been.  We have lived in a different, non English speaking country.  We have even survived.  We can now do anything, go anywhere.

Here are a few of our best bits…

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