Have you ever read ‘My Big Shouting Day’ (by Rebecca Patterson) to your kids?  If you have, were you like me?  It was me who could, unfortunately,  relate to Bella’s Big Shouting far more than the Little Cherubs could.

I have always handled my children with what I hope to be a firm but fair attitude but recently it appears that I am rather more firm than I, or my children, could wish.  When J (age 3) and I were watching something or other on the television a few weeks ago, he asked where the little girls mummy was and I replied that she had died and so she didn’t have a mummy and wouldn’t that be sad if he didn’t have a mummy.  J thought for a few seconds before replying with ‘I wouldn’t mind if I didn’t have a mummy because then I could choose a new one who didn’t shout so much.’ See my point.  I think I am becoming the matriarch and am forgetting the laughing and joyous part of bringing up children.

Now here we are at Lent.  What shall we all give up? T (age 5) thinks briefly before: ‘Shouting, Mummy, you should definitely give that up.’  Vigorous nods of agreement ensure from J.

So, my husband has given up chocolate and I am trying to give up shouting and in so doing bringing a little more joy to my Little Cherubs childhoods…

Wish me luck everybody!