Following our trip to the zoo, zoo, zoo (sorry) T was clearly bothered by a couple of things.

Why was the snow leopard poorly? How did it hurt itself? Will it be alright?

The gorgeous snow leopard had been limping on our visit and whilst we had explained that in a zoo it would be looked after, it was still playing on her mind. Trying to be reassuring my response was a sensible “oh, I expect it hurt its foot on a rock or something. But don’t worry the zookeepers will look after it.” Daddy then decides to go into a little more detail: “Yes, he’ll get the vet and he will put it to sleep and sort it out.” There then followed a lengthy discussion about how and why the vet would put the animal to sleep. Would a dart gun kill the leopard? (No, it’s just because the vet can’t walk into the cage). Would it hurt the leopard? (Not really, it’ll just be like a sharp scratch for a second and then it’ll be over). Would the leopard die? (No. Of course not). Would the foot be put into plaster like Alana at school? (Have no idea on this one so, possibly, but, no, it wouldn’t have a wheelchair).

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