“Will Daddy be home tonight?” or “When will Daddy be back?”, these are the two most often asked questions by my children.  Daddy and I are married, we are not a ‘modern’ (alternative) couple as we still inhabit the same property to raise our children in partnership.  I am not a single Mum.  So, why are my children asking these questions?  Daddy has a job which entails lots of travel, international overseas travel, which means that he can be away for one night here and there or ten days here and there.  He is just coming to the end of a seven week period of which five weeks have included at least four nights, and at most seven nights, away and will be entering a quieter month of just being away one or two nights a week.  I am not a Single Mum but there are many occasions when I feel like one.  I am a wife, but there are many occasions when I don’t feel like one.  I have christened myself a Single Wife.

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