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Miiiiffy, a sweet little bunny.

Miiiiffy, a smart little bunny.

Miiiiffy, a cute little bunny,

Miiiiffy, and friends.

I can’t believe it, Miffy is 60, she hasn’t a single wrinkle or grey hair!  In case you can’t quite place who she is, allow me to jog your memory.  Miffy is the rather wonderful creation of Dick Bruna, an aesthetically pleasing, iconic, white little bunny whose very ordinary adventures have become more than a little extra-ordinary with the passing of six decades.  The latest incarnation will be through the powers of CGI as a new series of ‘Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small’ air on Tiny Pop from 2nd October, 2015.

Miffy on Tiny Pop

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Blue Peter

I love Blue Peter (for those that don’t know it’s a children’s program on CBBC every Thursday at 5pm GMT). This is a programme that formed a large part of my limited childhood TV viewing and today forms part of my own children’s TV schedule.  In fact we have become bigger fans of the programme since we have been in Switzerland, it is almost as if it has become a kind of comfort blanket!  Yes, it’s had its good years and bad years but when something runs for so long that’s only to be expected.  I love the fact that the presenters are ever so slightly geeky yet still manage to be cool; that the jokes Barney tells are ones that Dads tell, that Lindsey takes on a challenge but gives an honest “this is so hard and I can’t do it” before she does it, that Radzi’s mother probably despairs over the state of his hair.

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