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Running not walking

I have a funny story to tell you. At the old-enough-to-know-better age of 43, I have sustained a running injury.  Actually, that’s not the funny bit.  The funny part is that I have started running.   Continue reading “Running not walking”

Arty Crafty

I am continually amazed by the number of brilliant creatives who live in our neighbourhood.  Artists, sculpture-ers, singers, seamstresses, writers, you name it we appear to have them.  The best part of this is that they all appear to be willing to share their knowledge, especially with the younger members of our community.   Continue reading “Arty Crafty”

SS Half Term


Half Term.

Two short words which, in the true spirit of four letter ones, evoke a diverse range of emotions… Continue reading “SS Half Term”

Build ’em up. Knock ’em down. Brick Live!

A child’s active creativity begins at a very early age. Practically from birth we encourage them to connect with the human beings who surround them. We convince ourselves that their poo face is actually an expression of delight. We marvel at how clever they are when they chew on the corner of the rug, or when they manage to pull themselves to standing.

Continue reading “Build ’em up. Knock ’em down. Brick Live!”


Sheets, a clothes airer and a load of cushions.  It doesn’t take much to convert a pile of soft furnishings into a castle, or a cave, or a spaceship or a fairy glade.

What is it about sitting cocooned between a cushion and a pillow in a blanket cave that makes this the ultimate place to read a book or share a secret or two?  The majority of dens we have built in the Life of Ryrie have been in the most public of places of our home; the sitting room or the hall where eavesdroppers are abound.  Yet the children remain convinced that what goes on in the den, what’s said in the den, stays in the den.

Continue reading “Dens”

Little Bo Peep

This week I have found myself searching for sheep in the cosmopolitan city of Bristol.  This sounds a bit like an oxymoron – sheep in a city – but when you know that our hunt wasn’t for the fluffy baaing variety but for huge sheep sculptures instead, then it becomes a whole lot more understandable.  We were off to find Shaun in The City.

Continue reading “Little Bo Peep”

Glasi Hergiswil

February half term.  In Switzerland known as ‘Ski Week’.  Hmmm, slight problem as we don’t ski, and slightly bigger problem of not having spare cash enough to embark on this crazy pastime.  So the eleven days of the children’s break needs to filled by other activities.  The novelty of Grandma and Grandad arriving lasts one day, sledging takes up another…

Time for a trip, on a budget.  Hmmm (we are in Switzerland and I’m not sure if the word ‘budget’ has the same meaning here). T suggests the zoo but then J pipes up with the Glass Factory at Hergiswil am See which he visited with his class on a school trip.  He enjoyed it so much last time that, as the rest of us haven’t visited, and it’s within half an hour drive (just south of Luzern), and it’s free for under 10s, and only 7chf for adults (yes, you read that right 7chf!), we decided to go for it.  The website reassured us that there were all the facilities we could possibly want to make use of: cafe, museum, shop, restaurant, play area, science experiments and car park.  What could possibly go wrong, and what more could we want from a trip out?

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