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Mount Titlis

“J, what would you like to do for your birthday treat this year?”

“Skiing or sledging.”

J was born in July.  Usually a month associated with sun, beaches, holidays and gelati, my son decided to flip the norm and present us with a challenge.  Fortunately, we live in Switzerland and are only an hour away from Mount Titlis and the Titlis glacier.

Midsummer’s Day dawned, and whilst Druids were witnessing the sunrise at Stonehenge, we were dragging out our winter weather gear and heading off to find summer snow with two of J’s friends to celebrate the (nearly) six years he has been on this fascinating planet.  (Little did we know it, but half the population of India and China were doing the same, but more of that later).  Mount Titlis is located in Egelberg, part of one of the largest ski networks in Europe and, at a height of just over 3,000 meters (10,000 feet), is above the all important snow line thereby giving us the opportunity for summer sledging.  Engelberg-Titlis is all about the outdoor adventures; hiking, biking, climbing, kayaking, fishing and all manner of other -ings can be done at Engelberg.  It boasts beautiful alpine views, plenty to do and a central location, and is only an hour from Zug.

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I can’t believe we’re in Switzerland and it’s raining on Christmas Day. Where’s the snow for goodness sake?

It’s not been so much ‘do you want to build a snowman’ as ‘let it go’ as we stay inside and pretend to build one with the Elsa and Anna dolls that we finally managed to purchase for T’s Christmas present (only a year on from being asked for them!).


IMG_1307It appears though, that the Alpine Gods have been looking down on us and have taken heed of our pleas.  Five days ago it started snowing and it is still snowing as I write this.  We are nestled under a downy blanket of silver and white crystals.  I haven’t seen so much snow for years, if ever (such as my life has revolved around milder, rainier climes).

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