When I was a child there was a shop in Bath that sold Clothkits – clothing sewing kits (see what they did there?).  They were lush, I remember a particular favourite being a pale blue sundress complete with matching bolero padded jacket.  I loved it.  The outfit also features in a photo taken of me when I wore it on my 6th (I think) birthday and had my best birthday cake EVER.  (Sadly, the photo is in the UK so I can’t reproduce it here for you!)

Anyway, Clothkits has always held a special place in my heart what with it being totally entwined with brilliant childhood memories and it selling easy to create, perfectly lovely, make at home clothes.  Clothkits has an interesting history and, when it became a victim of its own success, it almost didn’t make it into the 21st century.  Happily though it has made it,  and, now based in Chichester, it still sells the loveliest cloth kits you can possibly find.  I have several on my wish list (the Liberty print tea dress would make a really fabulous birthday present if you’re reading this Steve!).

Following the tragic earthquakes that took place earlier this year in Nepal the wonderful people at Clothkits decided they couldn’t just sit by and watch the devastation but have set about raising some money.  Now the way they have gone about this has been rather ingenious.  They started by selling off all their fabric remnants (yes, a great way to clear the stock room) for just a £10 donation to the DEC Nepal Earthquake Appeal.  This then launched the Scrap Fabric Challenge.  The purchasers of said remnants were invited to create something with them that could possibly be auctioned to those less imaginative/time rich/creative/talented/motivated (delete as appropriate).  This week has seen the Scrap Fabric Challenge items listed on Facebook and there are some delightful creations from a bunny to a pair of kids dungarees.

The auction is now open* on the Clothkits Facebook Page….  Go ahead, buy a handmade gem, and justify it by knowing that the money you pay will be going to make a huge difference to lives that have been affected in a way that we can’t even imagine.  (Please note that if you are outside of the UK and win an item through the action you will need to cover the postage cost).

If you miss out why not make a donation anyway – Nepal Earthquake Appeal.

*Auction ends at midnight on Sunday 7th June, 2015 (yes, that’s the day after tomorrow, so hop on over and get bidding…  Clothkits Scrap Fabric Challenge).