Q. What’s worse than a child home from school ill?
A. Both children home from school ill.

Not a very funny joke to be honest but I’m afraid I make no apologies.  This is not a very funny situation.

T was home poorly yesterday and it was a perfectly lovely day.  I fear that this statement may need a little further explanation, I am not, I assure you, some sadistic woman that takes pleasure in their child’s suffering!  T was poorly enough to be home from school (the yardstick always being whether the child has a temperature higher than normal combined with some other symptom from the pick n mix of childhood ailments) but not so bad she was confined to bed.  So our day went something like this; we took J to school, popped into the supermarket to get provisions, got home, had some late breakfast, went to bed and had a nap (the napping part was me, T just lay there and wriggled), got up and FaceTimed Grandma, tried to eat some lunch (managed about half), did a bit of maths, and finally made some paper Little Red Riding Hood puppets before once again returning to school to collect the boy.  See what I mean, perfectly lovely.  A bit of craft, a bit of sleep, a touch of socialising – all interspersed with bouts of hacking coughing, headaches, nausea and, of course, the fluctuating temperature.  However this I could handle.  T was, despite clearly feeling absolutely dreadful, in her element.  I mean she had one on one, dedicated mummy time.  Precious time indeed.  Just a pity that this time had to be given in such miserable circumstances.

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