So, there I was.  Stood in the middle of the room, with tears cascading down my face, which I was desperately trying to hide, but having no hope of doing so thanks to the deluge that had suddenly sprung the depths of my emotional being.  The children were looking, nay staring, at me with a cross between bemusement, concern and, was that a hint of embarrassment on young T’s face?

“Why are you crying Mummy?”
*sniff*  “I’m…”  *sob*  “just so…”  *sniff*  “happy!  Grandma and Grandad are coming.”  *sob*  *sob*  *sniff*

This was only one week after we had left the UK – it had been an emotional first week in Switzerland – and we were stood in the Arrivals hall at Zurich Airport.  Fast forward one week later and it wasn’t just me with tears trickling down cheeks as we said our goodbyes.

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