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Today we bought J a new bike.  We didn’t mean to, we had actually just gone into Bath to return his school shoes (for the second time and a whole different story).  We are not in the habit of randomly buying our children high valued gifts, or even gifts with a high perceived value, unless there is a damn good reason to do so.  Today, however, we did.

I’m not entirely sure how we got from school shoes to bicycles but there we were walking from the car park to the shoe shop and as we passed the Bath Bike Workshop we magically found ourselves walking through the doors to see what it was all about.  Half an hour later we were wheeling a bright orange Apollo kids bike out through the doors.

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This weekend was start of the Tour de Suisse.  The Prologue on the Saturday with the road race on Sunday.  Rotkreuz was hosting the event and so on Saturday off we hopped on the super efficient Swiss bus 20 minutes down the road to catch some of the two wheel roadrunners in action.  The day is summed up best with bags full of freebies and a handful of photos:


Then on the Sunday we wandered over to Cham to see the peloton fly past on their 161km journey round Lakes Zug and Aegeri.  When you go to watch a cycling race expect to do a lot of standing around, waiting.


Then, when the last of the 150 bikes has whizzed past and the breeze from the furious peddling has wafted by, don’t be surprised if your 5 year old incredulously asks: “Was that it?”.

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