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Up noses and out of mouths…

J – Mummy, you smell.

Me – Oh?

J sniffing – Mummy, you smell of rubbish.

Me – sighs.

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World Peace

8 Year Old:  Do you know Mummy?  I am fighting for World Peace.

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World Book Day

Today is one of the most hotly anticipated(?) days in the academic calendar, it is World Book Day.  Parents love it.  Parents hate it.  Kids love it.  Kids hate it.

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(Top 10 Tips on Surviving) School Trips

When I was 7 I missed out on a trip to Bristol Zoo thanks to being very poorly and in hospital.  I remember receiving a package of hand-drawn get well cards from my classmates featuring all the animals they had seen at the zoo.  All very lovely but the salt was well and truly rubbed into the wound.  I was totally gutted.

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Love this as it looks as though J is climbing the London Eye.  This gorgeous playground is at the foot of the London Eye on the banks of the River Thames.

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Birthday surprises extend to the cake this year!


The biggest, steamiest, pile of… wood chips EVER!

Happy Birthday Little Bear

This week we celebrated Little Bear’s birthday.  It was his ninth birthday.  Hoorah.

Little Bear is not a cute pet name for either of my children.  Little Bear is exactly that, a little bear.  Little Bear is J’s favourite, most special teddy.  The teddy that if it ever got lost would cause J and, therefore the rest of the family, the maximum amount of heartache and distress.

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Honey Tree Post and the Art of Writing

‘They’ say that letter writing is a dying art form.  ‘They’ say that handwriting is a dying art form.  And it’s all thanks to email, social media and texting; the rise of portable technology fulfilling our need to connect with other human beings through instant gratification and some well chosen pointer finger placements.  However, like many dying art forms, handwriting and letter writing could be on the verge of a resurrection, rising like the proverbial phoenix from the flames.  Why?  because of stationery supplied by companies like Honey Tree Publishing.

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