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Time to Talk

I saw a tweet from @TimetoChange about #TimetoTalkDay.

I mulled it over.

I wondered if I would have anything to contribute to the conversation.  What words could I contribute to the issue of Mental Health?  I wasn’t sure that there was much I could say and I was afraid that I would be stood like a lemon listening to a conversation, desperately trying to say something worthwhile, but experiencing that awful, slow realisation that I had nothing in common with the other participants.

Nothing to contribute to the conversation.
No voice.
No value.

It really annoyed me this thought that I wouldn’t be able to contribute.  That I had no voice.  That I was worthless.

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Here’s the thing

Ever since I came back to the UK I have lost my blogging mojo.

I started this blog as a way of making sense of this crazy life.  It developed into a way of sharing experiences as an expat and laughing at my parenting mistakes, of which there are always plenty to entertain us with.  This blog has been my weekly therapy session, the cocooning black leather couch replaced by the hub of the kitchen and you, my lovely readers, standing in for the sympathetic ear of the therapist.  I have loved writing this blog.

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