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Little Bear’s Space Adventures

Ah, English Summer Fetes. What a beautifully eclectic variety of weekend entertainment. From the gently frustrating Hook-a-Duck, the aggression venting Splat-the-Rat, the pocket fleecing raffle (none of the prizes you actually want to win but you still buy a mass of tickets anyway) and the Teddy Bear Rocket Launcher. All the old favourites. But, wait, what was that? Teddy Bear Rocket launcher??? Yes. Yes, my friends, you read that correctly. There is a new stall in the village (well the neighbouring one to be precise) where your child’s teddy gets the opportunity of a lifetime – to become an astronaut. Yes. I know. Continue reading “Little Bear’s Space Adventures”


Miiiiffy, a sweet little bunny.

Miiiiffy, a smart little bunny.

Miiiiffy, a cute little bunny,

Miiiiffy, and friends.

I can’t believe it, Miffy is 60, she hasn’t a single wrinkle or grey hair!  In case you can’t quite place who she is, allow me to jog your memory.  Miffy is the rather wonderful creation of Dick Bruna, an aesthetically pleasing, iconic, white little bunny whose very ordinary adventures have become more than a little extra-ordinary with the passing of six decades.  The latest incarnation will be through the powers of CGI as a new series of ‘Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small’ air on Tiny Pop from 2nd October, 2015.

Miffy on Tiny Pop

Continue reading “Miiiiiffy!”

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