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Here’s the thing

Ever since I came back to the UK I have lost my blogging mojo.

I started this blog as a way of making sense of this crazy life.  It developed into a way of sharing experiences as an expat and laughing at my parenting mistakes, of which there are always plenty to entertain us with.  This blog has been my weekly therapy session, the cocooning black leather couch replaced by the hub of the kitchen and you, my lovely readers, standing in for the sympathetic ear of the therapist.  I have loved writing this blog.

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Birthday Greetings

I have, today, entered my 39th year on planet earth.  I love my family so much and this was a snap of my place at breakfast this morning. X


Dear Blog,

it appears that I have been neglecting you.  I am sorry.  It’s just there has been rather a lot going on.

We have sadly come to the end of our Big Swiss Adventure and find ourselves embarking on a new chapter back in Blighty.  We are in that horrible place called Limbo where we have no home and nothing concrete to build on.  However, we are back with the most important people in the world, our family.

Blog, I promise not to neglect you any more.  I promise to write regular posts.  I am even contributing to with a monthly column about our expat adventures in Switzerland (my first post can be found here – The cost of living in Switzerland) and our repatriation experiences.

I look forward to sharing our new adventures with you Blog,

much love,



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