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The rain may be beating down but Spring is on its way.  (Can you spot the leaf heart in the photo?)


I am about to put on my 6th layer.  I am absolutely, totally Freezing (note the capital F).  It is 11am on Wednesday morning, I have only been home for 30 minutes and yet my toes are numb and my fingers are rapidly starting to seize up (so whether I finish this post in one sitting is debatable).  Even my bum cheeks are chilled.

I fear that if I remain in this position, I will have hypothermia before the end of the day.

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Feeling super proud of my crafting today.  Not bored but board (see what I did there?)!


Twelve days we have been living in our own house.  I love it.  I am a grown up again.  I wander around the rooms in wonder that this is the place I now call home.  I have told my Mum that I will have to be carried out of this house, she is not amused and thinks I have now jinxed this delightful pile of bricks and mortar (I had my fingers crossed the whole time so of course I didn’t).

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