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Five Little Ducks

Have you ever wondered what happened to the five little ducks who went swimming one day, over the hill and far away? Or even how that Mummy duck felt when finally only one little duck came back? No. I haven’t either. Until now that is. I now know that two of those goddamn little ducks ended up in our garage. 

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Strolling among the leaves this evening this gorgeous bundle of prickles.  I think we disturbed her tasty slug supper. Autumn is gathering pace.

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Life, Death and Tomato Plants

“Now remember, keep them warm and feed them regularly.”

You would be forgiven for thinking that I was issuing instruction for the care of a couple of newborn babes.  But, no.  This is actually my Mother-in-Law issuing instructions for the latest additions to the Life of Ryrie.

What are the latest additions?  Well.  We haven’t been given a cute kitten or a bouncy puppy or even useful chickens.  We have been given tomato plants.  Yep, you hear me right, tomato plants.

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Spring’s here – bring out the bunting!

Many years ago* I bought a pack of bunting with which to decorate our garden.  Last year it adorned our balcony in Switzerland but, sadly, it is to be its last to bring joy to our home.

Now I know what you are going to say: “get a grip woman, it was only bunting.”  I know that I may be sounding a teeny tiny bit dramatic, but that bunting has been with me through A LOT.  I mean that bunting has witnessed the toddler years and if something has come through that with you, well it is a very fine thing indeed.  An attachment has developed.

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The rain may be beating down but Spring is on its way.  (Can you spot the leaf heart in the photo?)

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