Greta Thunberg. What a remarkable young lady. She puts us all to shame and this collection of the speeches she has made over the last 18 months makes for uncomfortable reading for many reasons.

I am ashamed to say that I hadn’t really given our dire environmental situation much thought, bar keeping up with our kerb side recycling collections, until fairly recently. I definitely didn’t understand how severe our situation is, or how remarkable young Greta Thunberg actually is.

This short, cheap (only £4 for the basic version), accessible book, No One is Too Small to Make a Difference, is the perfect book for environmental enlightenment. It is an uncomfortable, provocative but above all inspirational read. There are many questions which run through my little brain as I read this book: How has it got so bad? Why do people in power (no names, Trump) still deny Climate Change is a reality? How can they still deny it in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence? How can I help? What can I really do that will ‘make a difference’? Will my difference be big enough? just to list a few. I am not sure there are answers to many of these questions, apart form the final two.  

Any changes I can make to the way the Life of Ryrie lives that reduces the amount of waste, reduces the carbon footprint or raises awareness of the Climate Crisis in which we find ourselves is a positive thing. Lots of people making small changes is better and more impactful than one of two people making huge changes. 

If you want to find out more about the Climate Crisis this short collection of speeches will be a perfect place to start.