Sad face 😩, I dropped my Fitbit ( otherwise known as my Christmas Present) on the kitchen floor. The face cracked. 😩. So, I got onto Fitbit and it appears they don’t offer repairs/replacements.

It does however mean that they will offer you a small discount on the purchase of a new Fitbit.

WHAT????  I mean, WHAT?

#RantAlert 🚨🔔

Some may consider this one of ‘those’ First World Problems but, really?  Is it?  The fact that Fitbit cannot (or will not) provide product after care to include repairs is both shocking and disappointing on several levels…

Fitbit is a market leader, a global company who produce wearable tech. Wearable tech will be bumped, scraped and dropped. Mostly in areas that have hard floors. Consequently would it not make sense that the wearable tech was able to withstand these mishaps? Has Fitbit brought to market a product not actually fit for purpose?

Fitbit surely, as a market leader, have a social responsibility to set the agenda on recycling, repairing and reusing discarded/broken technology that they have produced. If they don’t how can we blame the smaller companies for following suit and how can we stop the onward march of the throw-away culture we appear to be encouraging. The environmental impact of technology, full of non-biodegradable metal and glass, being as easy to throw away as a newspaper is in turns worrying, shocking and depressing.

For a product that costs in excess of £150 not to be repairable is reprehensible and disgusting.

This may indeed be a First World problem but look closer and there is a vast cavern of Whole World problems cascading from it.

Fitbit. Shame on you. I do not wish to take you up on a discounted new product. I shall continue to wear my smashed one and tell anyone and everyone why.