“EasyJet fly direct to Bristol from Geneva.  Why don’t we go from there instead of Zurich?”  I’ll tell you why not, because it’s a three hour car drive from Steinhausen.  However, Steve and I optimistically decided that we’d be able to make the trip in about two and a half hours, just a little over the time it would usually take to travel from Gatwick to my parents home in Somerset, so the flights were duly booked.  In fairness it took us just under two and a half hours (at four in the morning) for our outbound flight.  Coming back? more like three and a half.  Before our delightful (or not) return journey with two over tired children, we did manage to make a whistle stop tour of Geneva.

Geneva, being in the French part of Switzerland, is very different to the cosmopolitan, but clinical Zurich.  It is a compact city that has an abundance of architectural personality, cultural diversity that takes in Sardinian Kings, French peasants and Religious Reformers, and enough landmarks to fill your micro SD.  We had one day to absorb the sights and sounds from the quaint rambling streets of the Old Town to the quiet contemplation of the Broken Chair at the Palais des Nations.  Would I go again?  Yep, definitely.  It was totally charming – next time though I’d stay a bit longer.