So, first morning in Switzerland (24th July, yes it’s taken me that long to update this blog) and we wake to the melodious sound of, no, not cow bells rhythmically tinkling across the fields, nope, not yodelling resounding round the mountains either.  Instead it is the sound of a massive cement mixer interspersed with hammers, diggers and drills.  


Well we appear to be surrounded by building sites, constructing ever more apartments and office blocks to cope with the burgeoning demand from international businesses wishing to take advantage of the low tax rates.  The tower crane (500 yards, sorry, meters from our balcony) is a source of delight for my 5 year old.  

I’d like to work in a crane.  I’d take my lunch and morning snack and drawing.  I’d also take my tea.

Admittedly, I can see the attraction; I bet the views are incredible.

In the distance we can see the beautiful mountains that surround the Zugersee, and we even have a glimpse of the Lake itself!  Our home is spacious.  Lovely open plan living, the type of which I always swore I would never live in because doors are just too useful, with equal amount of balcony to living area.  Downstairs (yep, it’s a maisonette) the bedrooms are all fantastic sizes and are light and airy.  Kids have gone totally wild about the built in electric shutters – I’m just wondering how long it will be before we have to get an electrician round (oops think I’ve opened them a bit too far, best close them again. Tee hee.).  Not bad considering that we chose it from a series of photos taken by someone we hardly know.

Now begins the task of unpacking but at least we’ll have a soundtrack to do it to.  Just with not quite the harmonies we were expecting.  The hills are definitely alive – emerging one concrete block at a time!