Just when you think you have everything sorted, life throws you a curve ball and you either have to pick it up and run with it – or crawl into bed and throw the covers over your head.  February saw me catching our latest curve ball.

“I’ve been asked if I would like to move over to the Accessories division of the business.”  That’s how it began.  My husband works for ECCO Shoes which is an international company, that’s how I knew that there was more to his simple statement than initially appeared.

“That’s nice,” I replied.

“Yes… It’s in Switzerland.”


Now, Steve and I haven’t been in a great place for the past couple of years.  So much has happened in a short period of time that we seem to have dealt with by ourselves rather than as a team.   This news came hot on the heels of us agreeing that we would take some time out and trial a separation.  A flat had been found for our time out days, the kids had been told that Mummy and Daddy weren’t getting on very well and that we would not always be together during the week, that they’d have Mummy days and Daddy days.  So this new development was slightly more complex than it might seem.

I have a philosophy in life that when you have to face things that are so far out of your comfort zone that you really don’t want to try them, then you just have to ‘man up’ (as one of J’s peers told him to do at school recently, yes aged 4!) and go for it.  Wholeheartedly.  Definitely.  Positively.  So this is what we are doing.  We are moving to Switzerland.

Auf wiedersehen!